Rug Cleaning Westwood

Are you based in Westwood and are looking for a top class rug cleaning company to take care of your rugs? Then, call us at (323) 302-5053 and ask us for Rug Cleaning in Westwood. Our company is a decade old company and has some of the best rug cleaners working with us. Their experience in handling all kinds of rug related problems like pet urine removal, stain removal, cleaning the rugs of grime and germs, are all done by us! Call us now and get to know more!


How we from Rug Cleaning Westwood work?
We, from Rug Cleaning Westwood, will send in our best Westwood rug cleaner to your home complete with all the necessary lotions, sprays and detergents that are formulated and made by us. These will be used on your carpets and rugs only after our cleaners perform a check on the rugs. They are knowledgeable enough to know the fibers and after that use these soaps. So, our cleaners would test the rugs to check if they are colorfast and then see the stains and use the treatment as and when necessary.
Our solvents are totally safe to be used near children or pets, and so you shall rest assured that there will be no harm to them. On completion of the cleaning and washing of rugs, we dry them in the age-old manner. We, from Rug Cleaning Westwood have the experience of working on carpets, area rugs, tiles, air ducts and even on kitchen grouts and not just in residence in and around Westwood, but also in companies nearby.


Our work in companies – An area of professionalism decoded:
Since we understand that companies with substantial traffic or footfall would need to set aside time for the rug cleaning, we offer these services in after office hours even. This means that we will do all the dusting, washing, and stuff, and we also commit to leaving no mess behind and no dirt behind. All our clients have been satisfied to date, and this is our success as we continue in offering our services of cleaning all these years and even in future!