Rug Cleaning South Pasadena

Rug Cleaning South Pasadena is a one-stop solution to cater to all needs of rug cleaning in the city of South Pasadena. We are very committed to offering excellent services to our clients so that they can get the utmost satisfaction. We also possess a strong team of professionals encompassing cleaners, weavers, master weavers, rug specialists, etc. to ensure that we not only offer a thoroughly cleaned stain free rug, but can also repair or re-weave them if necessary just like the original one!
So, are you living in the city of South Pasadena and thinking of finally hiring a professional South Pasadena rug cleaner to clean your rugs? Hire us as you will be glad to choose us because we have years of experience in cleaning, re-weaving, repairing, restoring and protecting rugs so that they can last for many generations.


Services offered by Rug Cleaning South Pasadena
We always use safe certified shampoos for cleaning purpose and dry your rugs in a temperature controlled environment. We even do a minor color bleeding test before applying any of our cleaning agents to be sure that it will damage in no way. We even do hand washing involving multiple steps if we find your rug fabric too delicate and stubborn stains.


Some of the services offered by us are not limited to the following ones.
• Stain removal
• Rug Drying
• Rug Protection
• Rug Disinfection
• Rug Deodorization
• Emergency cleaning
• Rug Appraisal
Rug Cleaning South Pasadena also have a pick and drop facility for your convenience, and this makes easy for our clients to choose us among other large numbers of services of rug cleaning in South Pasadena. We offer our quality services to both residential rug cleaning and commercial rug cleaning as nowadays attractive rugs are also a fixture in the interior décor of commercial spaces like restaurants, shops, conference rooms, offices, etc.
We promise to deliver all services related to your rugs so that you don’t feel the need to look anywhere and yes, Rug Cleaning South Pasadena offer these services at a very reasonable rate that will surely attract you.