Rug Cleaning San Fernando

Do you love to adore your home interior with exquisite oriental rugs? Do you feel that machine made rugs are more convenient being less pricey and can be cleaned easily at home? Do you struggle always to keep your rugs clean with your vacuum cleaner and still feel they are not as clean as they should be? Yes, vacuum cleaner can just pull away the dust, but to deal with the hidden dust and dirt, you need a thorough rug cleaning service and if you have your abode in the valley of San Fernando; Rug Cleaning San Fernando can be your best solution!
Let vanish your rug stains!


Rug Cleaning San Fernando believes that no stain can be so stubborn to resist the multi-step cleaning methodology of the best San Fernando rug cleaner. We don’t generalize our cleaning process as every rug can have different fabric, and some may need a hand wash like the oriental ones and drying in a temperature controlled environment to prevent any possibility of color bleed.
Our trained cleaners are experienced and know well about cleaning machine made rugs too as the latex backing of such rugs can get damaged by getting dissolved in water while cleaning. Professionals at Rug Cleaning San Fernando also know about treating stains of various types like ink, dyes, wine, coffee, tea, etc. We have the competency to vanish your pet stains from the rugs in a way like they have never existed!


Torn rugs? No need to replace
Do you have a Persian rug that is now torn and needs re-weaving to return again back to its original beauty? Well, master weavers at Rug Cleaning San Fernando are skilled in re-weaving your rug pattern as closely possible to the original design and can even dye the yarn to get the exact color! So, now no need to replace torn rugs irrespective of their type. This will surely save your hard earned money as buying an expensive rug is always more than that of our re-weaving charges.
Give a chance to our services of rug cleaning in San Fernando and you will call us again for sure!