Rug Cleaning Irvine

Is your home spotlessly clean? But then, what about the area rug in the bathroom and the kitchen? Are they spotless? Or better still the rugs in the front room and the bedroom? Would It be very difficult for you to say about that right? So, if you are in or around Irvine, call us at (323) 302-5053 and ask us for our experts to come and clean the carpets and rugs of your homes and offices. Yes, we from Rug Cleaning Irvine have the necessary technical know-how and the experience of rug cleaning, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning to ensure that you use clean ones for your home or office.


Rug cleaning in Irvine as done by us:
We, from Rug Cleaning Irvine, have committed ourselves to working and cleaning across Irvine and its neighboring cities and districts. We have practiced hands working for us who know firstly to identify the fibers used in the carpet, the colors used and work on cleaning, or washing the rugs. Over days of use, dirt, food particles, pet urine and soot and many other pollutants might get accumulated and settle down in the lower layers of the rugs. From Rug Cleaning Irvine, we will send the best Irvine rug cleaner to your house or office to check out the work and the rug area that needs to be covered and then use the chemicals or solvents for the purpose of cleaning the rugs inside out.


Isn’t vacuuming enough for cleaning rugs?
It has been seen that though superficial dust or particles might get cleaned by the vacuum cleaner but the grime, sweat or pet urine or even seemingly hard stains might not leave the carpets or rugs quickly with just a session or two of vacuuming. The best sign of a clean carpet or rug is its fresh smell and feel. We, from Rug Cleaning Irvine, use the most effective methods of cleaning and, needless to say, these chemicals or solvents are non-toxic too.
Our rates are quite reasonable, and we also offer services on carpet cleaning, kitchen grout cleaning and cleaning of tiles, air ducts and upholstery too.