Rug Cleaning Encino

Are you living in the city of Encino and longs for a professional rug cleaner that can be trusted completely? Do you believe it will be a foolish idea of giving your expensive Persian rugs to get a thorough cleaning to a company that does not have experience of Persian Rug Cleaning? Do you want to hire an Encino Persian Rug cleaner who is affordable and reliable? Persian Rug Cleaning Encino is then your ultimate destination as we are simply the best with more than three generations of our family in the business of Persian Rug Cleaning in Encino city.


We have a wide clientele in the city of Encino and also beyond the same due to excellence in work that we demonstrate while handling every Persian rug with extreme care as we know it is impossible to invest in buying such an expensive rug every year, and we value your money just like you!
Emergency cleaning by Persian Rug Cleaning Encino
Persian Rug Cleaning Encino is fully aware that you must have postponed the job of cleaning your Persian rug multiple times over the years because of its exotic price and sheer brilliance of artistry. We also know that vacuum cleaning is not an efficient way to get rid of all the stains and odor that might have a source in your unclean rugs due to the growth of bacteria. In an event of some guests arriving at your home, you can just call (323) 302-5053 and avail our emergency services to get a clean rug within a matter of few hours. However, Persian Rug Cleaning Encino strongly recommends getting your Persian rug clean at least once in a year for sure.


Persian Rug Cleaning in Encino offers the much-needed repair and restoration of Persian rugs so that you might not have to invest again a whopping amount to replace the existing one. We have a team of craftsmen who exactly know how to re-weave or re-knot a Persian Rug and make it appear like the original one!
Apart from these, we are also the best when it comes to restoring such rugs that are damaged due to accidental exposure to water.