Rug Cleaning Beverly Hills

At Rug Cleaning Beverly Hills, we pay detailed attention to the fiber content and the material of the rugs. Rug Cleaning Beverly Hills cares for your delicate and valuable décor. Rugs and carpets made with beautiful silk add to the beauty of homes. Don’t you get disheartened when fine dust particles accumulate on it? Isn’t it annoying to see shoe marks on your rug and even more annoying when you can’t clean it? You can now throw all your worries and annoyance out of the window as you have Rug Cleaning Beverly Hills to your rescue.
We have a team of efficient and professional cleaners who have a thorough understanding of rugs, carpets, and tapestries. They understand the value of the Oriental beauty and help protect their heirloom. With years of experience in caring for the soft fabrics, we ensure that your rugs and tapestries are in safe hands. We assure our clients that our rug cleaning methods are reliable in Beverly Hills.


What services do we provide?
Rug Cleaning in Beverly Hills provides customized cleaning methods, keeping in mind different fabrics and dyes of rugs and carpets. We follow a process to clean your rugs which starts by vacuuming them. After this, we send it through a dusting machine, which removes the dirt and stains that, is invisible to the naked eye.


The unique ‘Beverly Hills Rug Cleaner’ method
This is a careful and skilful process which includes dusting, washing and rinsing to assure restoration of the sheen and shimmer of the tapestry. Rug Cleaning Beverly Hills use organic solutions to revive the luster of the rugs. We pre-inspect the rugs and update you on the existing conditions such as issues which require special attention like urine foulness or moth infestation.

Our specialties include:
• Stain removal
• Antique and specialty rugs
• Preconditioning
• Reweaving
• Custom fit padding
• Vacuuming
• Shampooing
• Deodorizing
• Dry cleaning

Why choose us?
We have the right expertise and experience to provide the high quality care needed for your rugs. We intend to make your rugs as good so that you feel happy with our service and your tapestry. Our aim is to bring a smile on your face and contentment in your hearts.