Rug Cleaning Bell Gardens

Carpets and rugs though are used to add color to homes they are very different from each other. Rugs are usually made of silk or wool that causes the colors to run out. Cleaning them is necessary, but only after a complete and an intensive check.


Have you ever wondered how just superficial rug cleaning can cause your rug to wear out in no time? Have you been disturbed to see the color of your rug come off? Have you been haunted by the fact that your guests will judge you because your favorite is stained with your pet’s paw prints? Leave your worries to Rug Cleaning Bell Gardens. We are the most dependable rug cleaning companies as we have the expertise for the same.
Rug Cleaning Bell Gardens prides itself on a respected tradition in rug cleaning and restoration. Our experts are extremely knowledgeable in this field that makes us reliable.


Services we provide:
There are two main types of rugs:
– Natural Fibers: Produced by insects, plants or animals. It is highly absorbent and may get parched when cleaned. This can lead to shrinkage.
– Protein Fibers: For such materials, experts have first to test and based on that, a cleaning method is suggested.
Cleaning process:
• Inspection: The Rug Cleaning Bell Gardens experts inspect the rugs for signs of discoloration, pre-existing damage, stains, fading, and odors. Depending on this thorough inspection, we suggest an appropriate cleaning process.
• Dusting: At Bell Gardens rug cleaner, we use the process of ‘air washing’. This method is using compressed air to remove dust particles that are embedded deep inside the rug.
• Spraying: This process is used to extract the ground in soil. It is then rinsed to clean the residue and restore its texture.
• Hot water extraction: The rugs are then soaked in water along with organic detergents, to eliminate every stain or discoloration.
• Final Inspection: After the above processes, a complete inspection is done to ensure if it has been cleaned well. If not, the above procedures are performed again, under the supervision of experts.
Bell Gardens services are reasonably priced. We have a team of excellent and friendly staff who would attend you at any time of the day. Rug Cleaning Bell Gardens provides the best service in the market and ensures brilliant end results.