Rug Cleaning Artesia

Rugs add style, grace and elegance to your house! A home with an exquisite piece has its charm, and Rug Cleaning Artesia works to preserve this beauty. A rug attracts not only warmth but also dirt and mark. We, at Rug Cleaning Artesia, ensure that every small spec of dirt is removed, making your rug gleam and restore its Oriental magic.
Rug cleaning involves several processes that range from dusting to rinsing to fringe cleaning. A rug is like a smile. If the smile is beautiful, but the teeth are yellow or brown, would it appease to you? Rug Cleaning Artesia provides systematic services.


Services we offer:
Rug Cleaning Artesia professionals are conscious of the quality and service conscious. They ensure that you get the best services.
• Dusting: We first dust the rug before cleaning it as we believe that if we don’t dust it, the minute particles will remain embedded in the rugs. The soil needs to be shaken and beaten from the rug before vacuuming it.
• Vacuuming: After dusting the rugs, we vacuum it. This ensures that loose soil particles are removed from the rugs.
• Washing: The rugs are washed on wash floor or wash pit and fully saturated. This will loosen up and flush the excessive soil than just dusting.
• Fringe Cleaning: While washing, the carpets are soaked and so are the fringes. These fringes are then brushed gently to remove the dirt from them.
• Rinsing: The rugs are then rinsed by letting out soft jets of cold water, to remove the shampoo.
• De-Humidifying: The rugs are then placed inside a drying room. It is placed in the drying room for certain number of days, depending on the composition of your rug. Here complete moisture is removed. This is the most critical stage.


Artesia rug cleaners are known for providing reliable services. Be it delicate silk rugs or handmade rugs, we take care of it like a prince. When you feel that your rug needs to regain its glamour, remember we are just a call away.